We value our patients' experience at Semlow Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Scott Semlow

“To Dr. Semlow and your staff, you guys are very nice. You make a person like me, who was scared when I first got there, feel at ease after you and your staff explained to me what was going on with my spine. I thank you all so very much for that.”

 -Lisa T

I love the thoroughness of the Semlow Team.  Today I received a complete folder with suggested exercises, results of xrays and colored in areas of vertebral subluxation complex and a way to compare nerve function applied to my areas.  Thanks for all your great work!  


Dr. Semlow-        

     My initial visit with you and Candace was very friendly and welcoming.  You were both very personable and professional.  Your office space is beautiful and I love the location.  They say the little things mean a lot, and I found this to be true when Candace gave me a bottle of water during my initial exam/x-rays.  Everyone was punctual and kept me moving through my initial screenings from the time I walked in until I left.

     Initially, I was a bit skeptical to switch chiropractors, but found your location and hours appealing.  After my first visit, I was very pleased, but was still apprehensive about getting as good of an adjustment and massage as my previous chiropractor provided.  My appointment for those was scheduled for the next day.

     I came away from my massage and adjustment beaming with relief.  I told my family and friends that I didn't know what I had been missing out on.  The adjustment was the best adjustment I've ever had and the massage was the deepest, most beneficial massage I've ever had.  Erin gave me an extremely deep tissue massage, yet she was nurturing and made me feel well taken care of.  After my massage, I told Erin that in order to pull that all off, she must have been raised with older brothers and be a mom.  She said she was actually raised with two older sisters and only has a dog J  I told the Doctor that I felt like a broken piece of pottery when I initially came in.  After my massage, I felt like she made me "moldable" and the doctor  put me back together again!  Too bad your team wasn't around for Humpty Dumpty J

     I was so pleased with the quality of your services that I've already scheduled appointments for my three boys, convinced my husband to switch over to your office, and printed off your forms for a colleague and his family.  Everything about your office has exceeded my expectations….from the way the massage sheets smell to the bottle of water that was handed to me after my massage.  Thank you for such a positive experience and for putting me back on the road to a healthy spine and happier life.



When this injury first occurred, my own doctor and the E.R. did not take it seriously; however your practice did.  You made time to see me and help with the pain.  I want you to know I truly appreciate all the effort you gave.  My back is feeling much better.  Again, thank you!  You are a great staff.

C. Johnson

The staff is wonderful.  Nerita has been especially helpful and friendly.  Jill has also been wonderful and knowledgeable.

Kay R.


Super friendly and helpful staff, good hours, quick, cool extra information to get next step with health. 

Taylor G


Knowledgeable and friendly staff.  Very clean environment.

Joni H


Appreciate the personal and thorough treatment.  Thank you all so much!

Gerald H


Happy to find a Chiropractic clinic truly caring about proper treatment and the spinal and overall health of the patients.  

Stephanie F


Very thorough.  Follow up after adjustment was a nice experience.  It shows compassion and care for the patient.

Zach J


I love coming here.  Everyone is so nice and friendly 😊

Emily T


Staff and Doctor are very welcoming, personable and professional.  Top class service!

Joseph R


I came in here hardly able to walk, in tears and not sleeping.  After a week of adjustments I feel almost back to normal.  Thank you for being patient with me.  I appreciate all of you!

Tracy C

So far the experience I have had with Semlow Chiropractic Wellness Center has been so wonderful!  I really like Nerita, she’s really bubbly and easy to talk to.  Dr. Semlow is very kind and thorough.  I look forward to seeing how much better my back pain gets over the next few weeks.

Noel V


I’m very please with Doctor and staff.  Extremely helpful and friendly.

Kimberly W


Did a wonderful job, able to get me in quickly and see me regularly as needed.  Very thorough.

Matthew S


Very impressed and excited for my plan.

Andrea W


Great customer service.  Very friendly and informative.

Vance C


I like that I don’t feel pressured.

Ruth C


Everyone has been incredibly kind and down to earth!  All members of the staff have been very welcoming and supportive.

Logan H

Very positive environment, great experience.

K. Lehman

Your staff is wonderful.  Keep up the great work.  I look forward to my future visits and know I will find wellness with your help and guidance.

T. Hatinger

I love the friendliness of all the staff and the convenient hours.

R. Boorman

You guys make a person feel better spiritually and physically.  Keep up the good work.

M. Sones, Jr.

I appreciate your educational approach and the fact that you have so many options available.

N. Miller-Corbett

I feel very comfortable asking questions, since this is my first experience with chiropractic care.  Thank you! 
Kristine O.

An amazing staff that is very educated and kind.  Office environment is very calming and pleasing.  I like that I never feel pressured to buy “extra’s.” I feel part of your patient family and this is only my 2nd time here. 

Kasey S.

The best and nicest service I’ve had.  You are all relatable and real with me, so I can feel connected with you all.  Thank you for inviting me in your family. 
Christine S.

I have had a wonderful experience at Semlow.  Great staff and services.  My pain has been greatly reduced and I’m learning how to manage it. 
Bethany B.

“I am very impressed with the professionalism and kindness shown by all the staff! Extremely personable and caring. Highly recommend Semlow to anyone in need of back and overall health improvement. Thank you!!!”

Julianne B.


“I’m very impressed with everything at this office. From the moment I called to each adjustment. Both doctors have been very kind and helpful. All staff have been great, too. Thank you all for getting my kinks out!”

Jill H.


“The office staff is awesome and so nice! My first appointment was VERY thorough and I could tell the standard here is for whole body care and to find the root of the issue, not just treat areas of complaint. I love it here already!”

Madelynn K.

Friendly and helpful staff.  They were able to provide information on overall wellness and was even kind enough to provide information on my digestive issues.  I am glad I came. I would highly recommend to anyone.  

Ann L

Extremely helpful and informative.  Very thorough and makes you feel very comfortable all they way.  Thorough process and very open to answering questions and addressing concerns (if any!) 

Ashlee S. 

The staff and Dr. Semlow are all fantastic!  Extremely friendly and thorough with treatment.  It is very evident Dr. Semlow cares about his patient’s well being. 

 Jennifer V.


The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful.  They were able to get us right in for an appointment.   Dr. Semlow was very detailed in his exam which we appreciated.  He made sure I was comfortable and we had a plan in place specific to my needs.  Thank you all!

 Hunter V.


 Wonderful office staff – best chiropractic experience I’ve ever had!  Highly recommend Dr. Semlow. 

 Annie B.  

I have appreciated the information I have received and like that I was able to sit down and go over my x-rays to see what my spine actually looks like compared to what it should be. 

Kyle S.


I am just so thankful for you all!  Going from walking with a walker to walking on my own in one week is unbelievable.  Thank you!

Heather R.


The time you spend with patients is amazing.  Staff and doctor truly care about your entire well-being.  Entire staff is caring and friendly.

Danielle P.


I have been so happy with the way they treated my daughter and explained to me exactly what they were doing and how they were going to fix the issues. 

Nicole S.


After the initial consultation I received a call from the Doc.  I missed the call; however, he left a message.  It was at that moment that I knew Semlow was the right choice!  Very much appreciated and made me feel very welcome.  Thank you!

Greg M.


The office staff was so kind and helpful.  The Doctor has been amazing at explaining my problem and treatment.  I am so happy I found this place!

Erica D.


I was not a patient and called on a whim.  Jill was so caring and told me to come in that same moment.  When I got here, I was given new patient forms to complete and was seen in the same 10 minutes.  I have never been to a place that is truly caring of their patients.  I was treated GREAT from beginning to end by all the staff.  Dr. Semlow even called a few hours after my appointment to follow up on how I was feeling.  Thank you! 

Cassidy F.


Wonderful explanation of all information.  Five stars! 

Tray A.


Dr. Semlow is the best chiropractor I have ever met.  I was treated as a whole person so I can get the best treatment for my needs, physical and mental.  It is quickly becoming my favorite place to be and get treatment.  P.S.  The staff is amazing too!

Kelly H.


Staff are very friendly, treated with respect.  My case is designed for me and my problem concerns are addressed.  Would recommend to others.

Vanessa G.


Thank you for being so welcoming and for always providing a wealth of knowledge.  I can already tell a difference after a week of care.  Thankful!

Brooke D.


Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  I can say enough GREAT things about how WONDERFUL this place is.  While I can’t say I am 100% pain free I can say I am feeling 100% better than I was!  So again, I say THANK YOU!

Mandy G.

It’s great to visually see and learn about the pain points I’ve been dealing with.  Explained it very well for me to understand.

Sarah F.


This is our first experience with a Chiropractor.  We’ve learned quite a bit already.  The doctor and staff are very kind.



The Dr. made me feel very comfortable and I was able to ask many questions.

Lori C.


Wonderful welcoming staff.  Very informative.  The nerve function chart is very helpful and I appreciate the printout of stretches that include pictures.  😊

Kelly M.


The amount of personal attention for each individual patient is outstanding.

Chad B.

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